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The author of a book I’m reading on writing (source) says, in a nutshell, that perhaps the most important part of being a writer, a real writer, is keeping your head in the clouds: daydreaming. Everything your teachers told you not to do. Do. Daydreaming is what a writer simply calls brainstorming.  While you’re driving, making dinner, taking a shower, going for walks/runs – eating, breathing, sleeping – your thinking about your story.  Twisting it, and bending it this way and that. Molding it into what it will one day become.

I must be a ‘real writer’ now, because all I can do is think in terms of this book.  I’m becoming quite neurotic about it.  I’m sure I’m annoying people.  I’m sorry (but not enough to quit.)

What are you waiting for? Go get your head stuck in the clouds! Scientists even say its good for you! (source)

Just relax and let your mind free – you never know where it might take you.