In the world of blogging and social networking I have lost sight of keeping a journal just for me. Not for my family, for my girls to look back at when they’re older, or for social connection, but purely and solely to get my feelings and emotions, my inner most thoughts and desires put into words daily.  I used to write like this as an elementary and high school student. So when I  got back into writing I realized I need to get back on the journal wagon.

Then I discovered an online journal site: which asks that participants dump out 750 words off the top of their head every day.  Ideally this is first thing in the morning to clear the mind of thoughts that could get in the way of creativity and productivity.  No one but you see’s what you write, but the site keeps track and honors participants who write any number of words everyday with badges and points to keep you motivated to write everyday (if that sort of external reward and competition works for you, that is).

I have only started this daily brain dump Friday, but already I feel my mind becoming freer, seeing things that I hadn’t been able to see with all the clutter in the way. I can’t wait to clear each and every cobweb from my mind as I clean out the shelves, and put out the emotional baggage that has gotten in the way of telling the stories I’m working on.

Speaking of which, words written in my book now = 1075.

The dam has been broken and the floodgates cannot be turned off now!

Do you journal? What works for you, traditional pen and paper or a keyboard and LCD screen?