When I started really seriously writing this book one of the things that I realized rather quickly that I need was an organized writing space separate from my bed (where I spend most of my computer time) so that I could focus on the work of writing, where I wouldn’t be so easily distracted.

Enter the guest room.  With the help of a large desk, a cork-board/white board, file folders and a well-placed bookcase I was able to organize all my writing documents and books quickly and efficiently.  Sitting in a smaller room with a window that lets in lots of bright afternoon sun also helps to keep me alert and my mind sharpened for writing.

Sometimes this is exactly the kind of writing space that I need to be creative, where I can shut the door and hide myself away from all distractions.  Yet, at other times I crave the chaos of a busy coffee fuel-up station to inspire the writing juices to flow.

My writing space

I also found a purpose for my great-grandmothers old typewriter that I’ve always loved looking at.  Not only for its nostalgic purposes, but it motivates me by reminding me of all the writers who wrote entire novels on a machine just like that.  Additionally, it now serves a very practical purpose of holding up documents to read while I type.

I love everything about my new writing space. Okay not everything. The only downside is the chair.  It is not comfortable. At all. Presently has two pillows stuffed into it – one for my back, and another for my rear.  You can’t write well when all you’re thinking about is your sore tuchus!  Or about your parched mouth. I now always have a bottle of water handy so I don’t have to get up when I need a drink. It also keeps my distractions minimized (if I leave the room I am 100x more likely to find something to keep me from getting back to writing as soon as I should).

Due to my limited amount of time I have for writing I’m currently at: 3952 words. Slowly but surely, this book will be written.