I only have a few precious hours while the house is napping to write.  Yet instead I am posting on facebook, researching “Lockley House” or “Lockley Tower,” or “Lockley Convent.” Nothing. Ten minutes wasted.

Then I think how I should plan a White Family Reunion since it has almost been 10 years since the last.  That leads me to research places we’d stay, and planning an itinerary.
Ten minutes wasted.

Then I notice the tab I’ve had open for two days for “when I have more time to read that article,” and I read the article. Ten minutes wasted.

I mistakenly open my Google Reader and get sucked into that vortex for ten minutes.

I get a text message. Respond, and decide to clear out my inbox since its so full.
A good five minutes wasted.
I notice some trash on the floor and stare at it until I decide to get up and throw it away.
Five minutes wasted.

I think about opening up my manuscript rough draft, and then think instead that a better use of my time would be to write on avoiding writing, and open up this blog post. Twenty minutes wasted.

I kick myself each time I do this, as by the time I manage to pull up the document to write and I settle into the rhythm of writing, I’m so glad I made myself do it. But most  days getting myself to open that word document is like getting a cat in the bath.

I know I’m not the only one who has this problem. And I know its not ‘writers block.’ Though it might be “I’m-not-qualified-to-write-this-story block,” or “I-have-to-much-to-write block.”  If anything, I am overwhemed by what I want to write and say than not having any inspiration.  Different reasons, same outcome.

How do you get past “the avoiding’s” to settle into a good writing rhythm?

Picture Source: Pace J Miller Blog