NaNoWriMo – you don’t scare me anymore. I have beaten the Ghost of Failed NaNoWriMo Past away for good.

Here’s how I have met (and slightly surpassed) the daily goal of 1,667: Wake up at 6:15 – well before the girls get up – and write. I can pound out at least a thousand words before the beautiful silence is shattered and the rush of the day begins. Then, to meet the rest of my goal I wait again until silence once again blankets the house in peace. Nap times are much harder. I can get maybe 400-500 words out before one, or both, of the girls wake up. Then the quiet of the night begins and if I’m lucky, a few hundred more words before I turn in for the night.
What I’m loving about this journey:

My Day 2 Stats

I love stats. A stats button about writing? Better than pie.

As I was telling my grandma about the stats button today she looked at me in wonderment, “And they have someone working on those stats for each of those hundreds of thousands of writers you told me are doing this thing?”

What I’ve learned so far:

I must turn off the internet when I’m writing. I don’t have time to stop and look up every object, place, or situation I want to describe as accurately as possible. I can go back and change those details later. This is all about getting the story out, not about getting the story out perfectly. December is about perfection. November is about the words, the story. I need to keep telling myself to just tell the story, the historically accurate details can come later.

Overall, two days in and I’m feeling good. Hopefully I’ll still feel this way 20 days from now.