Instead of pounding away at the last 500 words for today’s NaNoWriMo goal I am researching Australian slang. Its important for my dialogue, and was suppose to be a part of my research over the last several months, which of course I never got around to doing.  Yes, I am breaking my rule of putting off researching historical accuracy until December, and I suppose I could wait and do it then, but I don’t want to. So I’m not.

Here are a few of the slang terms and phrases that I can’t wait to use in dialogue (not in the narration as the little birdie that see’s the world in my novel sits on a British, or a rather a pommy shoulder).

Adam’s ale = water
Babbling brook = cook
Bandicoot = small marsupial mammal differing from the Kangaroo in many ways, especially the tail which resembles a rats.
Beans = money
Beer swiper = inebriate
Hard Nut = runaway horse
A bit of Muslin = woman
Patriot = cynical term for convict
Pommy = English immigrant
Old Pot = Fatherly person, elderly person
Righto= expression of consent

Ahh words. How I love thee.

Here are a few sources for Australian slang/terminology that I have been spending way too much time at:
All Down Under
Probert Encyclopedia
Dagree’s Great Aussie Slang
Australian Slang – A story of Australian English

And of course now I need to have a Concise Australian National Dictionary in my library.

This is not necessarily Australian but it has been a great resource:
Writers Dream Tool


This is a testament to how ADD I am: while writing this post I have also nearly finished those last 500 words of the day, played around on Pinterest, Facebook, Yahoo Mail, and of course the NaNoWriMo website, blogs, and forums.

So much for turning off the internet while I write.