The high of ‘winning’ and finishing a mad dash sprint to the 50,000-words-in-a-month finish line is behind me. I said I wanted to keep writing at the same pace I had been, 1667 words a day (or really it was more), but I have written barely 800 more words this month.  The last couple of days I haven’t even looked at my novel.  I’ve read many wonderful articles from The Editor’s Blog.  I’ve tinkered with lots of different character and scene ideas in my head, but I haven’t wanted to open that word document to continue my writing.

My brain needed a break, a time to refocus on other important things in my life that I have neglected. Like folding laundry. And organizing my closet. And finally matching that laundry basket full of mismatched kids socks (there are still 25 socks that have no pair.  The dryer sock monsters are fed well in our house), and creating a name banner for Eleanor that she has been wanting forever (since Annabelle has one).  I have worked on my picture-a-day blog which I had not updated in far too long. I have let myself finish many other projects, and that feels good. I may have hit a writing slump, but that doesn’t mean I have been lazy. I have spent time being creative in other areas that I’ve missed putting my energies into and so tomorrow when I meet with my writing group I will set a new pace of writing, one that is more sustainable to, well – life. This means I will push back my crazy goal of having this manuscript finished by the end of February.  I’m being realistic now. Summer of 2012 is the very earliest this project is going to be completed. Anything sooner than that is cake. Anything after is, well – life.