I have not written much this month, about 6,000 words in all.  What can I say? It’s been a busy month. I had a dry spell all this last week, not writing a single new word. So, I challenged myself to reach 60,000 words by Christmas.  I thought in the chaos of the holiday it would be impossible, but I did it.

While I haven’t been writing so much this month, let me share with you all the things I have learned about myself as a writer:

– When I say ‘really crappy first draft’ I really mean: “nobody but God should see this draft, lest they think I am a complete moron.”
– I need to re-learn punctuation. Comma’s especially.
– I love the passive voice a little too much.
– I say too much and leave little to be implied or assumed.
– Despite it all, I still have a story to write.

Most of the month I spent revising earlier chapters; taken out large chunks of pieces I wrote only to learn later that scenario could never have happened that way. So wait,  I lied.  I’ve written much more than 6,000 words, but my story has only progressed that much farther.  Despite the meager word count, my story has seen some major revisions and improvements.  December has not been a complete waste.

I began a new chapter today for the first time this month. Writing that fresh material made me remember why I love writing so much. I want to have that feeling back again everyday. To do that, I am dedicating the rest of what is left of the month to pure writing. No more revising, only creating.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!