We’re all doing it, looking back on the year and thinking about what we have accomplished, what we wish we had accomplished, and what we hope the new year will bring for us.

It is my favorite time of year. Surrounded by family (and yes, a little drama and chaos), celebrating the joy of living and loving each other.

And making resolutions.

Ah, resolutions, how I love thee.

Resolutions tend to work very well for me. If not, I wouldn’t keep coming back to them year, after year, after year.  I find I have at least a 60% success rate.  Much better than working towards nothing, and gaining nothing.

Last year I aimed to write a book and, guess what? I wrote roughly 200 pages of a (very rough) first draft (63,000 words now and hopefully 65,000 by the first of the year). I joined a writing group who has (bless their souls) looked at and given me feedback on the first two chapters I’ve written.  I rocked my 2011 resolutions.

Without further ado, here are my writing resolutions for the 2012:

  1. Write. Write. And keep on writing. Ideally, 20,000 words a month, or until my manuscript is finished.
  2. Become a paying member of  American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW)
  3. Revise and polish the first 15 pages of the book and submit it to the Genesis Contest, by March 2, that the ACFW holds every year.
  4. Revise my manuscript until its shines so bright I need sunglasses.
  5. After writing and revising, seek representation for publication first through a literary agent.  If that fails as miserably as I think it will, go through a publisher who does not require literary agents (such as Pacific Press Publications).
  6. Write more in this blog.I think six resolutions are good enough.  They are lofty, and of course, give me plenty of room for failure. However, even if I only accomplish only half of these goals I’ll still be that much further along in my goals than if I never tried to reach them.

    Happy New Year friends and strangers (who are  friends I haven’t meet yet)!Happy writing to you.