I know, I know, everyone is sick of hearing about pinterest. Everyone and her mother, sister, and niece (but not her father, brother, or uncle) is on pinterest.

Its fun, addicting, and oftentimes, a major time-suck.

However, as a writer, I have found it indispensable.

Before pinterest when I wanted a visual inspiration of something I wrote about, I would find an image and save it in my pictures file on the computer. Yes, it works, but its not as quick, easy, and visually pleasing to someone like me.

Also, you cannot make connections with the pictures you post just saving the pictures on your computer. On pinterest,  one of the pictures I posted of a person I am writing about named Emily Campbell (yes, a real person) was re-pinned onto another pinners board she titled “people I may be related to.”

Say what?!

I don’t know a whole lot about the Emily Campbell in my book, and here came this chance I never would have had before to find a missing piece to my puzzle.  My heart beat all aflutter.

Even though it turned out that the person who re-pinned the picture of Emily Campbell was not, in fact,  related to the Emily Campbell in my book, the possibility for connections like that, to find more pieces of the puzzle, are still there all-the-same.  This chance for connections alone makes it all worthwhile.

But what I really use pinterest for, is when I am researching anything for my book (Victorian slippers, dresses, hairstyles, maps, etc.) and I find a picture that inspires me, I pin it on pinterest, and continue my research. Later, at my leisure, I come back to the picture when I need help describing whatever it is I’m writing about.

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If you’re not on pinterest, come join the fun! You’re really missing out.

If you use visual inspiration for writing, (and you don’t use pinterest) where do you organize your pictures?