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My historical inspirational romance novel centers around a true story, and this simple little fact is causing me no end of problems.

Its based on fact, so how much can I twist history to tell the story I want to tell?

I’ve been doing a lot of twisting. Bending events into a time period that I want, rather than sticking with the facts, putting events together with people that didn’t happen that way historically, putting thoughts, feelings, and actions onto people that did not actually react and feel that way.

My concious is screaming at me for making these twists.  Yet, my practical, rational, mind tells me that the importance isn’t in these details, but in the overall story that I am telingl.

The way I have twisted the events heightens conflict and brings together seperate events into one cohesive story, telling more in less – and hopefully making a bigger impact.

There is still more truth than fiction in my story (uh, I think), and the themes I’m writing of aren’t changed. Actually, it is because of the themes that I have, that I am twisting history to bed to my will.

In the meantime, I’m making myself nuts. Going back and forth telling myself it shouldn’t matter, but I know that with the people and events I’m writing about either the publishers I’m hoping will publish it might hate the changes I’ve made, or some people that will read it will nitpick. And the last thing I want is for my writings to become a stumbling block for anyone else.

If you write with true events woven into fiction, how much do you allow yourself to twist what really happened, altering when events happened or which people were at those events?  

Do you drive yourself crazy with guilt and obsess over these changes like I do when you alter history? How do you ease your conscious?