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At my writing group meeting last week my group asked me where I was at in my story.

“80,000 words in!” I declared a bit triumphantly. 80,000 words sounds like an awful lot, doesn’t it? I mean some completed novels are only 50,000?

“How much more do you have to go?”

“I don’t know? Maybe 15,000? Maybe more, maybe less.”

“Ok,” they said. “Write 15,000 in two weeks. Finish your book by April 1st.”

“But! But I’m going on vacation – and we’ll be gone, and it’ll all be crazy – I can’t possibly. I’ve only been writing 100-200 words a day . . . “

“No but’s -we don’t care. Finish it.”  Man, my writing group is tough.

So – here I am, in the race to finish my full-length historical inspirational fiction novel (phew – what a mouthful!). Scrivener has my daily writing target 1,081 words from now until April 1. I started out Sunday at needing to write only 989 a day, but . . . well, I’ve gotten a little behind. That’s okay. The weekend is coming and I can surely make up for it then.

Less than two weeks and I’ll have a completed – very rough – first draft. Hopefully.

A week and a half, really.

Hold me to it, ‘k?