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Author Laura Stanfill hosted a “Line of the Week” a few weeks ago on her blog, asking us fellow authors to post their favorite sentence or paragraph on her comments so we can all get a piece of each other’s writing, and appreciate the work each other has put into crafting beautiful/funny/interesting/sad/compelling/etc. sentences that would otherwise go unnoticed by anyone but ourselves.

I thought the idea was brilliant, so I played along. She posted another “Line of the Week” today, and I decided to play along, but why not share the fun with all of you too?

Here is part of a paragraph from chapter 16 of my WIP. On a walk through the forest west of Sydney in 1894, the point of view character, May has discovered a tree that has been carved by the Aborigine’s that live in the area – it’s bark taken for containers, utensils, or any number of things they use the bark for.

May cast her eye’s one last time on the scarred tree. It’s vibrant red bark contrasting sharply to the elaborate patterns of dark brown dead heartwood exposed to the elements. That’s how she felt. As though someone had taken a knife and carved out pieces of her, exposing her heart to the unstoppable forces of the wind, rain, insects, and birds.

If you have a favorite sentence from your current WIP I’d love to hear it here – or go over to Laura Stanfill’s blog and post there too.