It has been just over a year since I last wrote here. Shortly after posting this we made some very major life changes. I went got hired to teach full time in a small multi-grade classroom. Which meant a major move across state. I’m nearing the end of my first year back teaching (first year teaching in a multi-grade classroom), and Im feeling like I’m returning from the land of the dead into the realm of the living.

I’ve pushed writing workshop with my students. I’ve made the merited more than heave ever written before…but I’ve lost sight of myself as a writer. I did, however, recently have a short story of mine purchased for publication. Hopefully the story will be published this summer and I can share it with you all then. If I remember. It is called ‘Gabby Chooses Bare Feet,’ and is written for kids at church. Thousands from our church could read it. That’s exciting.

Life as a working mom has been a huge life adjustment. The hardest thing I’ve done….much worse than actually giving birth. I’ve struggled with my identity as a writer this past year, and finding not only the time for writing, but the heart for writing.
My old writing group from our last residence and I still communicate frequently. They helped me with my short story. They’ve helped arrange a writing retreat next month, and I am gearing up to get recharged and energized enough to throw myself back into writing again. My book will get published one day…so, first that means I must finish it. . .